Competitive LGBTQ+ Soccer Testimonials


"Gray Ducks has given me an amazing and supportive community of LGBTQ athletes like myself, as well as many allies, that make me feel welcomed, and help me grow as an athlete."


"Playing for the Gray Ducks in Paris and Las Vegas has helped me transition from being a closeted college athlete to an open LGBT athlete. I have made many friendships in a short time that I cherish. "


"Everybody on the teams I have played for are welcoming, interested in meeting you as an authentic person, and share your love for sport. For those that have never traveled to play in athletic competitions, try it out with the Gray Ducks. They will make sure you have a great sporting experience and an even better time off the field."

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As the largest LGBT soccer club, and largest adult soccer club in Minnesota we have several Facebook groups to support our routine communications. Check out the groups and join the ones of interest to you. 

MN Gray Ducks Gay Soccer Team for LGBT specific opportunities:

Main Group with 350+ members:

Gray Ducks Womens Soccer Group:

Gray Ducks Travel Soccer for tournament and traveling opportunities:

Gray Ducks Volleyball for your volleyball desires:

Proud Clouds for fans of MNUFC who are LGBT or identify as a straight-ally:

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Our Story

The Gray Ducks are a highly inclusive adult soccer club based in the Minneapolis-St Paul area of Minnesota. This specific group is meant to connect and build gay soccer in Minneapolis & Beyond. The Gray Ducks are an LGBT owned and operated entity, and this sub group is necessary to create a safe and active place for players to come together. LGBT persons have long been ostracized in sport and society, and continue to be. This group is exclusive to ensure privacy and dedication to this under served population. 

Do you identify as straight? That's okay! We are inclusive of all genders and orientations, you just happen to be on our page that is dedicated to growing the game of soccer among gay persons in our community. Please join our main Facebook group or email us to get involved. However, if you do not promote equality for all persons, our club is not a fit for you. 

Gray Ducks Soccer is the founder of  North American Gay Soccer Association (NAGSA). They are also members of the IGLFA (International Gay and Lesbian Football Association). Gray Ducks Soccer teams partake in LGBT soccer tournaments nationally and internationally, as well as form teams locally to play in leagues year round. Our focus is on club soccer for LGBT individuals, in particularly those with prior playing experience. For those seeking to learn soccer, there are opportunities for you too through out the year, however for your safety and that of others, we would like to consult with you as to what playing opportunities are most suitable. Email to explore the right fit for you. 

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Don't play soccer, but you're a huge fan? The official supporter group of soccer in Minnesota is Dark Clouds. We proudly endorse the Dark Clouds, as they are inclusive and promote aligned values. They have extensive history as Allies, and consider themselves Proud Clouds

Email Ryan at to learn more and get involved. 

Are you closeted or unable to be "out?" Email us and we would love to get you involved still without the risk of being outed due to your facebook group choice.

Participant Testimonials

" I have spoken with multiple teammates about my experiences playing collegiate soccer, following a head injury that limits my aerial abilities and also identifying as gay. Yet being a soccer player has always been a key component to my identity. Playing for the Gray Ducks has allowed me to continue playing quality soccer and traveling to tournaments, but now I get to compete whilst being open about who I am. I hope that the publicity of the Gray Ducks and the stories of its members shepherds in a new inclusive sports culture for all people, irrespective of their ethnicity, beliefs, disability status, sex, sexual orientation, and/or gender orientation." - Player Identifying as Gay

"I think the thing that I want people to recognize (that maybe they don't always notice) about Ryan's work is how intentional he has been in creating the community and club we have. He goes out of his way to create expectations and policies that are clearly articulated, fair, and with inclusion in mind, which I think people often times don't recognize how important those small decisions are in the grand scheme of the club and its success as an inclusive community." - Player Identifying as Gay

"I never thought I would have so many gay friends. I am also proud to say that and not be afraid of what others might think. Before joining (Maki United, TC Jacks) the Gray Ducks, I did not know much about the LGBT community. After years of playing I now have a better understanding of the culture and the hardships they face. I feel that as an Ally, it is my duty to stand and support my teammates and friends whenever I see discrimination on and off the field." - Player Identifying as an Ally

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