Launch a Gray Ducks Team


A Community of Teams

There are many benefits that can come from a community of teams under the umbrella of one organization. Whether you want to be on a team, or launch a team of your own. As a community of teams we can achieve what ordinary teams cannot. 

Your Committment

The Gray Ducks organization extends permission and resources to team managers willing to meet Gray Ducks community standards.  Club Administrators oversee quality and satisfaction of the community standards.   

Resources and Benefits

Team managers will be able to use the org name, logo and other proprietary info when deploying league teams or tournament teams.

  • Branding and a Cause
  • Access to Uniforms
  • Experienced Team Management 
  • Technology and Tools 
    • Automated text reminders
    • Calendar Scheduling
    • Team Captains Guide
    • Web/Email Access
    • Dues Collection Methods
  • Player Expectations Charter 
  • Sponsorship Support
  • Access to Club Fundraising 
  • Possible Management Subsidy

Why this Works

By uniting together through internal and external managed teams, we can create a larger network to promote the game we love, and fulfill the mission of our club. There are many other pros to this method:

  • A natural pool of players for substitute players
  • Unique and additional opportunity for players to play on varying nights and at skill levels they prefer across small field and full field style of leagues.
  • Ability to field tournament teams
  • Building a community of like minded soccer enthusiasts

Learn More

If you're interested in starting a team, let's chat further. We have an established start up process to learding your own team. Whether you have a full roster or partial roster, we're happy to work with you. We provide team programming 12 months of the year, jump in anytime and we can discuss getting your team launched for the next season.

Email Ryan to get started: