Women's Soccer

2019 Women's Team

We launched our first exclusively female team in November 2018, and they're rocking it at the top of the league. We're looking to expand to two indoor teams in early 2019, and we're excited to launch 11v11 squads in multiple divisions for the outdoor season.

Women's Session II - Begins February 2019 in the MWSL at the W St Paul Dome with games at 730. 830, and 930pm every Tuesday. Cost per player is $125 + annual MWSL fee for insurance

Women's 11v11 Soccer - Begins June 2019 and runs through August with games split between a home field location, and half at opponent's home fields. Day of the week is TBD, and cost can vary between $200-$250 per player for the season. 

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Join Our Women's Soccer Team in Minneapolis and St Paul

The Gray Ducks are a highly inclusive adult soccer club based in the Minneapolis-St Paul area of Minnesota. This specific group is meant to connect and build our women's soccer team with those who identify as female in the Twin Cities area. The Gray Ducks are an LGBT owned and operated entity, and this sub group is necessary to create a dedicated focus on women in our soccer community. This group is exclusive to ensure privacy and dedication to this under served population. 

We are inclusive of all genders and orientations, you just happen to be on our page that is dedicated to growing the game of soccer among females in our community. Please join our main Facebook group or email us to get involved. However, if you do not promote equality for all persons, our club is not a fit for you. 

Gray Ducks Soccer comprises of over 75 females from a wide range of soccer experiences. We strive to place you on a team that best suits your playing background and competition desires. For those just starting out, pick up soccer and training is the only way to get a footing for the sport. For those with experience, league and tournament soccer on top of training and pick up soccer is where you'll find yourself a great fit. Please email ryan@grayduckssoccer.com to explore the right fit for you. 

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Join our Exclusive Female Soccer Group

Don't play soccer, but you're a huge fan? The official supporter group of soccer in Minnesota is Dark Clouds. We proudly endorse the Dark Clouds, as they are inclusive and promote aligned values. They have a great female fan base, and are incredibly inclusive. 

Email Ryan at  ryan@grayduckssoccer.com to learn more and get involved.