Tournament History

Gay Games

Bronze Medal - 2018 Paris

Chicago - Pride on the Pitch

2016 - 1st Place

2018 - 4th place

2019 - June 15th

MWSL Women's Cup

2015 - 2nd Place

2018 - 3rd Place

Sin City Classic

2016 - Division One 3rd Place

2017 - Division One 2nd Place

2018 - Division One 2nd Place

2019 - Division One - 1st and 2nd 

IGLFA Championships

2019 - Division One - 1st Place

2016 - Division Two - 2nd Place

2015 - Division One - 3rd Place

Other Tournaments

Wilson Cup - 2018

MSA Spring Mixer - 2015

Holiday Blast Burnsville - 2015-17

USA Cup - 2015-2018

Las Vegas 2019

Sin City Classic Minnesota Adult Soccer Tournaments Team Gray Ducks

Sin City Classic - January 19-20, 2019

You will be joining over 9,500 LGBT and Allied athletes, family and friends for two days of exciting athletic competition! This year's soccer tournament will host the IGLFA Indoor World Championships consisting of 26 teams from the US, Canada, Mexico, UK and possibly elsewhere. 

In 2019, we will bring two teams to this tournament. With 22 players and their guests, it is our largest and most talented contingency yet!

Join the squad by emailing today. 

Division Format

 ■  Teams will play 7 versus 7.
 ■  Teams are capped at 13 players.
 ■  Teams are open to both genders, though predominately men.
 ■  Game format for 12 teams or less is 12-minute halves, one-minute halftime and guaranteed four games. In case of high demand, up to 16 teams will play 8-minute halves, one-minute halftime and guaranteed 6 games. 

 ■  Game times will be Saturday, January 19, 8am-7pm and Sunday, January 20, 8am-6pm. Games are typically a portion of the time indicated.
 ■  Game Times will be released to the Team Captains ONE WEEK BEFORE via e-mail.
 ■  All Teams are required to check-in a MINIMUM of 30 minutes PRIOR to game time. Failure to do so will result in an automatic forfeit.
 ■  Round Robin play will take place Saturday, which will determine seeding for the Sunday playoffs.

Match Details

 ■  Two referees per game minimum. Referee decisions are final.
 ■  This tournament is officially sanctioned by the IGLFA, therefore, all IGLFA 7v7 Indoor Tournament rules apply.
 ■  Any red cards from prior sanctioned IGLFA tournaments that have suspensions that need to be served, will carry over.
 ■  IGLFA rules will be followed with the exception of substitutions - unlimited, on the fly and at referee game stoppages.
 ■  Teams will be required to have an affiliation with a parent team that is a current paid member of the IGFLA for the 2018 year.

Venue Info

Big League Dreams - Field House
3151 E Washington Avenue
Las Vegas NV 89101  

 ■  The $5 entry fee into Big League Dreams is included in your registration.
 ■  Climate controlled.
 ■  Restaurants, bars and restroom facilities are nearby.
 ■  On-site staff.
 ■  Parking is free.
 ■  The Awards Ceremony will take place Sunday, January 14, 2018 at 5:30pm.


Player Fee: $75

Airfare: $220-$320

Hotel: Sponsored by Lundsten O'Donnell

Transportation: $25-35

Uniform: >$100

*Team hotel is Bellagio in 2018

Total Cost:


*The pricing is based on costs known and researched in October 2018. These fluctuate weekly. 

Past Tournaments

Ryan has led a team to this tournament the past 3 years. In 2016, we placed 3rd in Division 1. In 2017 and 2018, we placed 2nd in Division 1. 

Minnesota Wilson Cup

MASL Minnesota Adult Soccer Tournaments Team Gray Ducks

The MASL Wilson Cup

The Wilson Cup will take place the first weekend of June 2018, with possible extension to the last weekend in June pending how the team does in the round robin. 

This 11v11 outdoor grass tournament consists of MASL and Non-MASL men's teams classified in Division 2 or lower of the MASL. 


March 2019

Per Player Fee is $20
+ Uniform cost if you do not have one already ($70-100)

Join the squad by emailing anytime prior to or during registration. 


Coon Rapids, MN

Chicago 2019

Pride CMSA Pitch Minnesota Adult Soccer Tournaments Team Gray Ducks

Pride on the Pitch - June 15, 2019

The largest sports organization in the Midwest welcomes you and the LGBTQA soccer community from all over the world to The PrivateBank Fire Pitch on a Saturday in June, 2019.

The tournament offers both recreational and competitive levels of play. We will send a competitive team, and also try to send a rec team. 

  • 5 guaranteed 20 minute games
  • 5 minute halftime
  • 4 fields to alleviate waiting time between games
  • Showers available between/after games
  • Full Bar/Menu
  • Outdoor seating and fire pit
  • Guests welcome


Starting Feb 15, registration will open. 

Per Player Fee is anticipated: $80

Join the squad by emailing today. 


PrivateBank Fire Pitch
3626 N Talman Ave, Chicago, IL 60618


Previously we rented an AirBNB, however accommodations would be the responsibility of the traveling player. We will provide ample opportunity for players to coordinate shared housing, and a preferred hotel. 

Tournament Hotel details:

Hyatt Chicago Magnificent Mile
633 North Saint Clair Street
Chicago, IL 60611, US

Hong Kong 2022

Gay Games Hong Kong Soccer Football Team Gray Ducks Adult Twin Cities Coed Mens Womens Soccer

Tournament Background

We welcome LGBT and Allied players to join us from anywhere in the US. No need to be from Minnesota to be a Gray Ducks tournament squad player. We are considered a top club in the LGBT playing circuit, and are able to be that due to our acceptance of great talent from elsewhere. You'll just have to learn a few Minnesota words like Oofta, Pop, and Dontchya Know. 

Seeking to help the Gray Ducks get to Hong Kong? DONATE HERE

In 2017, the  International Federation of the Gay Games (FGG) awarded Hong Kong with the privilege of organizing the 11th edition of the Gay  Games. The games will occur Nov 9-Nov 20, 2022 with the hopes to bring  together some 15,000 participants from around the world. The largest  hetero-friendly sports, cultural, festival event in the world!  Open to  all, the HK Gay Games will contribute to the visibility and  integration of Lesbians, Gays and the Transgendered.   

Read more at:

Tournament Dates and Information

Nov 14 - 19, 2022 - 11v11 

Opening Ceremonies - Nov 12

Closing Ceremonies - Nov 19

More here.

Anticipated Costs

You control your own destiny in cost as you can crowdfund or collaborate with your team to raise funds. 

$250 - event fee. 

$50 - Team deposit due Sept 2021, non-refundable, will be applied toward team costs (e.g. uniform, travel, etc)

$100-$300 - Team Uniform

$1,400-$1,900 Estimate for airfare AND hotel

ESTIMATED TOTAL: $1,900-$2,700 USD

We strive to provide our players with sponsorship monies, private funding, and the opportunity to volunteer and earn toward their trip. 

Next Steps + Register

Email reflecting on your interest in joining the team. 

Team Manager

The team manager is Ryan Adams, veteran team organizer, who led the Gray Ducks to a Bronze Medal in the Paris Gay Games, and the TC Jacks to 5 national and 1 international LGBT tournaments where each team found a podium finish ranging from 1st to 3rd.


Can my partner travel too?
Yes, absolutely. The more the merrier. Maybe there is a sport they'd like to participate in too? Check out the Hong Kong website for the other sporting options.
Do you have to be LGBT? 

Our team, and the event, are inclusive of our Allies. We have always had allies on our team. 

Why does it cost so much?

We can't argue with you there, the event fee is incredibly off-putting. We continue to advocate this, however your fee includes access to everything happening during the Gay Games and contributes to this massive global event. The Games are expensive to produce, and there is not corporate sponsorship to further offset the costs, maybe one day!

Do you have to be from Minnesota?

Our team consists and has long consisted of persons from Minnesota and beyond. We welcome all persons willing to done our uniform and play soccer to advance equality and celebrate Pride. 

Are there opportunities for non-players? 

Absolutely, we always could use team support from management duties to coaching. 

Does the team stay together or book travel as a group?

We empower you to book your own journey if you choose to. However, we do strive to book flights/hotel together where possible as it can significantly reduce cost and simplify logistics. Players who've stayed in the team block have had very memorable experiences and made new friends for life. We do have an new policy though were players staying separate from the team are not eligible for sponsorship funds, and players who cannot attend the full tournament are also not eligible for sponsorship monies.  

Do we practice before the tournament?

Ideally, those in MInnesota will be on a specific team 12 months leading up to the tournament to familiarize and advance ourselves. We will host seldom practices and then strike hard with practice a couple months out from the tournament. We will ask that players come to Minnesota once prior to Hong Kong, or join the squad for another traveling tournament. 

What if I get injured before I go, or have to cancel?

We hope that is not the case, but understand that it can arise. A loss of a player to our roster can have a ripple effect. There are several purchase points during this process, so some things may be refundable whereas some elements are not. You should pay close attention to the terms and conditions of each purchase for your answer to this. The tournament offers an insurance coverage, we suggest you review this on their website during the registration process. It costs under $6euro.  We do collect a non-refundable team fee which is applied to your uniform purchase closer to the tournament date. This is non-refundable because in the event you cannot go, those monies will go toward getting another athlete on board. We find it necessary to have players monetarily invested in the team to protect everyone's investment in attending this tournament. We also encourage you to book travel insurance or umbrella insurance. We will strive to book team insurance for our travel dates too given this tournament is out of the country.